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Scania is now undergoing a transformation from being a supplier of trucks, buses and engines to a supplier of complete and sustainable transport solutions.


Scania is moving fast towards new areas for product development and as a consequence there will be new needs of Tools support to accommodate the technological advancements in the area of product development (R&D).

The thesis work should focus on the technology to build and implement Off-board solutions that are capable of retrieving diagnostic data from electrical systems (ECU or smart component in product) and detect and diagnose anomalies and errors. The recommended approach is to apply AI (Artificial Intelligence) strategies to promote scalability and time efficiency in the handling of error detection in a complex system.


Suggest possible architectural and technical ways to implement Applications as described above and to present the delimitations and Pros and Cons with different approaches.

Cloud Technology is a strategical choice for Scania and for new development of Off-board tools, and it could be used to implement advanced analytics as parts of new generation of tools support.

Consider what challenges future architectural changes on On-board system will have on ways of working with test and verification in a development process when vehicles are autonomously driven. And work on the idea that new tools support is needed to do advanced analytics on stored run-time data from test runs. AI and Machine learning can be a powerful help to handle analysis on complex functionality.


Investigation of:

  • Diagnostics using AI and data analytics strategies can be applied for the purpose of the thesis.
  • Cloud technology to see in what extent it is applicable to the thesis work.
  • Investigation and synchronisation of what has been done in other domains within Scania organisation and/or the Volkswagen Group.

Expected Results

The scope of the thesis work must be agreed early in the definition phase of the thesis work, with agreement between students and stakeholders. It is also preferable to decide which student, if more than one, will be responsible for each subareas of the thesis.

The expected deliverables include:

  • A report describing all the investigated conceptual and architectural approaches for Applications development.
  • Insights on Cloud Technology for the investigated area of Diagnostics Tools Development.
  • Proof Of Concept with preferred architecture to demonstrate a suggested solution and approach.


Master degree education within Computer Science, System Development, Electronics or corresponding area.

Number of students: 1 (possibly 2 if preferred)

Start date:

Estimated time: 20 weeks (30 p)


Written application with personal letter and a summary of completed courses with achieved results.

Last date to apply


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